How Does The Law Of Attraction Apply To History?

The law of attraction is a very powerful law that simply states like attracts like. Everything in the Universe is energy vibrating at specific frequencies. Your body is also energy vibrating at specific frequencies. As you give your attention to anything, such as the past, present, or future, you begin to vibrate like that which you are giving your attention and thereby attract experiences of a similar nature.

Although history appears to be set in stone to most people around the world, history is truly quite malleable, because history is only a memory of what has happened, not that which has actually happened. Memories are vibrational reverberations of the past consisting of vibrational frequencies of a similar nature to that of previously existent vibrations.

As you are remembering something, you are activating the vibration of that memory within yourself, and you thus begin to vibrate in harmony with that particular memory. You can see evidence of this vibrational relationship by observing the way you feel as you recall a memory. The way you feel equals your personal vibrational frequency. Since the law of attraction states that like attracts like, when you are vibrating in harmony with a specific vibrational frequency, such as the vibrational frequency of a memory, you will thereby attract experiences of a similar nature into your reality, or in other words, you will attract vibrations of a similar frequency.

As you can see, history has no bearing upon the present unless someone gives it their attention. If you do not give your attention to what has happened in the past, you cannot experience more of it in the present, because you are vibrating at a frequency that differs from it. If you do give your attention to the past though, you will thus attract experiences of a similar nature into your life, because you will then be vibrating in harmony with that which has happened in the past.

You can also create repetitive experiences as well if you only give your attention to whatever happens to be or has been. If you are wondering why one experience continues to repeat itself in your life, it may be repeating itself due to your remembering of an experience you once had that was similar in nature to its own, but it could also be repeating itself due to your focusing upon vibrational frequencies of a similar nature in your present reality. The present is the culmination of that which you have been giving your attention in the past. If you stop giving your attention to the particular experience that keeps repeating itself, it will no longer be able to repeat itself, because you will thereby be vibrating at a different vibrational frequency.

History can be especially useful if you want to recreate an experience you once had in the past though. If you simply remember an experience you had in the past you would like to experience again, you can recreate it by vibrating in harmony with it as a result of giving it your attention in the present. As you become harmonized with it, you will thereby attract experiences of a similar vibrational frequency into your life.

Since the law of attraction is always taking effect, you should definitely do your best to give your attention to subjects, and even memories, that make you feel good. By doing so, you will attract equally good feeling experiences into your life. If you have a memory you wish were different in any way, simply change it in your mind to match your newfound preferences. While this change may seem superficial at first, you will soon realize that you have changed your point of attraction, the way you feel, by doing so and have thus changed the type of experiences you are attracting into your life as a result.