Self-Fulfilling Prophecies Are Related To The Law of Attraction

A self fulfilling prophecy is an event that matches a premonition. These events happen rather often due to the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that like attracts like, so you get more of what you think about as a result. When you make a prophecy, or predict the future, you essentially create future experiences that match your predictions as you focus on the predictions you have made.

The law of attraction is a very powerful law. It states that like attracts like. Everything in the Universe is energy vibrating at a wide variety of frequencies. Everything that is of a similar vibrational frequency is attracted to vibrations that match it. This occurs because these vibrations are in harmony with each other.

In order to attract your desires, you simply need to align your energy, or your personal vibration, with that which you are wanting to attract. If you want to be happy, simply start thinking about yourself being happy. When you do this, you will start to vibrate as a happy person vibrates and you will then start to align with experiences that will make you feel happy.

This is exactly how self fulfilling prophecies work as well. The initial prophecy is made, lets say for example something good is going to happen. So, you have this initial thought that something good is going to happen. And then you continue to give your thought to something good happening. As you continue to have this thought, you continue to align your personal vibration with feeling good and good experiences. As this process continues, the world around you continues to change to match the way you feel. As you get better and better at focusing on the idea of something good is about to happen, you continue to feel better about this anticipated event.

Once your thoughts and the way you feel get to a certain point, a manifestation that matches your thoughts and the way you feel becomes inevitable. When this happens, something good happens in this instance. This is the same for all self fulfilling prophecies as well.

Whenever you give your attention to a prediction, you continue to reinforce the thought of the prediction within your own mind. And as you continue to reinforce the thought of what you want in your own mind, you continue to vibrate, or feel, in harmony with what is contained in the prediction. So, you have this prediction, then you have thoughts that are focused on the prediction, and all of these thoughts create a feeling within you that matches the prediction. By the time you have given enough thought to the prediction, you will be vibrating in perfect harmony with the prediction, and then it must happen.

The law of attraction also gives us even more insight than just the simple phrase like attracts like though. Since like attracts like, what you are experiencing, a set of vibrational frequencies, and the way you feel, your personal vibration, always have to be in harmony. That is the only way the experience you are having right now could have come to be. So, what you are experiencing right now and the way you feel are a perfect match.

Once you understand this simple concept, you will understand everything that happens to you in life. This is why the better it gets the better it gets and the worse it gets the worse it gets. When you have good feeling thoughts, the Universe responds and gives you good feeling experiences, and those experiences make you feel good. When you have bad feeling thoughts, you have bad experiences, and those experiences make you feel bad.

If you understand this information, you can create any type of life you want to live too. Simply start giving your attention and your thoughts to the life you want to live, and by the law of attraction, you will have to live it. Start offering thoughts based on how they feel rather than if you believe they are true or not. If you want to own a specific car, simply start offering thoughts about the car that feel good when you think them. Once you start doing this, you will vibrate in harmony with the car and perhaps even owning the car. After you have given enough thought to what you are wanting, you will be vibrating in perfect harmony with what you are wanting, and then it must happen.