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        Attraction Guides was created for the purpose of making the world a better place. After a decade of research, a tremendous number of insights concerning the manner in which the Universe operates have been obtained that will help everyone improve their lives. While every effort is being made to make all of these discoveries freely available to the public, not even 1% of the total discoveries unearthed so far have been published.

     Even today, hundreds of additional insights are discovered each month that go unpublished. While these are the newest and best insights made to date, they are not yet being utilized to help people improve their lives to the greatest extent possible. For this reason, many of the latest insights to be uncovered are now being published here within our secret vault.

     If you are interested in learning more about the most advanced law of attraction discoveries ever made, then you will love these previously unpublished insights. Whether you are new to the law of attraction, or an experienced manifestor, you will find these nuggets of inspiration to be most beneficial in your quest for a better life.

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  • Community Sample - The Nature of Wisdom

    Since you trade the infinite number of points of focus at your disposal for that which is ultimately given your attention, wisdom may only be attained by choosing wisely.

  • Sneak Peek Sample - Your Best Thought

    The nature of your best thought indicates the progress you are making towards increasing the desirability of your thoughts. The more desirable is the best thought you have ever considered, the higher in energy value must be your vibration.

    Therefore, as you continually gain access to better and better thoughts by attempting to think the most desirable thoughts of which you are aware, you can be certain that your energy value is then rising and you are thus getting closer to the ultimate manifestation of your desires as your energy value approaches the state it must be in for them to manifest.

  • Secret Vault Sample - Find Yourself

    The process of identifying precisely who you are as a person may be rather difficult to complete due to the nature of the Universe being quite dynamic at a very fundamental level. Who you are as a person is your personal vibration, but your personal vibration is constantly changing and it is defined by every topic with which you interact. For this reason, the process of identifying who you are should be done by taking into account that which you desire.

    That which you desire best represents who you want to be as a person. Therefore, only vibrations that are harmonized with your desires accurately depict who you truly are as a person. Even so, due to the constant interactions that are taking place between your vibration and the surrounding world, the vibrations of your desires may occasionally be overridden by the vibrations of your surroundings, such as by the vibrations of the thoughts of other people with which you interact.

    This is where the difficulty in finding yourself arises, because you may believe certain thoughts are your own when you are actually being influenced by a surrounding vibration that is exerting an influence over your vibration. Thus, if a thought does not seem to be harmonized with your desires, then you are at that moment being influenced by one of these sources of influence in your surrounding environment.

    The best way to counteract this effect is to make the determination to remain as focused as you possibly can upon the vibrations of your desires by centering your focus around thoughts that relate to them. The more harmonized are the thoughts you think with the desires that have been identified, the less influence surrounding vibrations are then exerting upon your personal vibration and thus the more accurately will such thoughts portray who you are as a person.

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