The Real Icarus

The real Icharus is an individual who sets a goal that is so high, fast, and pure in vibrational frequency that it is nearly a perfect match to that of God, the infinite vibration. A jump to one of these fast vibrational frequencies can make it difficult for you to keep your focus on the vibration while also staying positive. Negative vibrations can rip into these fast vibrational frequencies rather easily, because negative vibrations differ so greatly from the nearly perfect vibrational frequencies you can maintain, but these fast vibrational frequencies also blend so well with the infinite perfect vibrational frequency of God that they bring you nearly to the state of death by causing health issues to arise.

By limiting the jumps you make to reasonable vibrational frequencies that are higher, faster, and purer than where you are, you will be able to avoid blending into the infinite, death, but more importantly, you will be able to manifest your desires rather easily, because it is easier to match a lower and slower vibrational frequency than it is a higher and faster one. Inevitably, everyone succumbs to the fate of Icharus and flies too high too fast and faces the fate of death, unless someone were to realize the truth that you cannot maintain the infinite vibration while also being alive and with this knowledge then proceeded to give their attention to high, fast, and pure vibrations without giving their attention solely to the infinite vibration.

The list of difficulties the individual who attempts such a feat will face includes the issue of relativity. While from your current position you may believe that all high, fast, and pure vibrations are desirable, if you were to actually maintain these vibrational frequencies in your own life, you would soon become aware of the fact that you still possess desire even though you are vibrating at a very high, fast, and pure vibrational frequency. As a result of this desire, this urge to constantly improve, constantly expand, constantly seek out better and better states of being, better feelings, you will feel the urge to give your attention to higher and faster vibrational frequencies even though you maintain a very high and fast vibrational frequency already.

When this desire arises, you will likely find yourself giving your attention to the idea of the infinite vibration once again and will thus face the fate of Icharus. On the other hand though, if you were to reach this higher height by manifesting your high, fast, and pure desires, but were to keep the fate of Icharus in mind while you are in this state of existence, you would be able to identify a vibrational frequency that is higher, faster, and purer than where you stand that is not the infinite vibrational frequency and you would be able to repeat the entire process all over again.