Good, Evil, And The Law Of Attraction

Due to the law of attraction, only goodness can persist. Evil is destined to perish due to its attraction of more evil. For example, someone who focuses on evil attracts evil unto them and this evil ultimately destroys them as a result.

Someone who focuses on harming others attracts others who want to harm them. This attraction always occurs due to the universal law of attraction. As an evil person focuses on evil, they vibrate in harmony with evil, a vibration that no living being can withstand for very long without perishing, for evil destroys the harmony of the body.

Goodness on the other hand attracts more goodness. A person who is good attracts others who are good. A person who is good vibrates in harmony with goodness, a vibration that is perfectly harmonized with living beings, and thus continues to live for as long as they continue to vibrate in harmony with goodness.