Fun Things You Can Do With The Imagination

The imagination is truly a wonderful thing. No matter what you want to think about, you can ponder it in some way by using your imagination. You can go to far off places, you can become more than you already are, and you can see the world around you in a different way while using your imagination. There are truly many more things you can do with your imagination too. Although there are an abundance of useful practices and processes you can do with your imagination, there are also many fun things you can do with your imagination. This article will focus on those fun things.

Gummi Bear Land- You can turn the world around you into an amazing world of gummi bears. Yes, you can turn everyone you meet into a gummi bear, you can turn the thoughts you have of the people around you into gummi bears and you can place them into a world that is completely made out of gummi things.

Unicorn- You can turn yourself into a unicorn. Then you can walk around as if you are a magical, and rare, beast with an unconquerable nature.

Care Bear Land- While this land is similar to gummi bear land, it is slightly softer and more colorful. Also, there are comfortable clouds you can sit down on everywhere you go. Don't forget the rainbows.

Happy Land- You focus on the feeling of being incredibly happy, and then you can spread your joy by imagining everyone around you feeling the same happiness. Even if you pick up on a feeling that they are not experiencing what you are feeling, just switch your focus back to everyone and everything around you feeling an incredible sense of happiness.

Talking Heads- Talking heads is the process of talking to other people by only using your imagination. You can talk to famous people of the past, present, or future. By using this process, you can acquire valuable insight and you can have interesting experiences. This process becomes incredibly fun and even funny if you take people, or even imaginary people, and you become these people by using your imagination. For example, you can become Superman by simply imagining being Superman, having all of the powers of Superman, saving the world like Superman, and even receive the adoration of entire cities as Superman. You can do this with anyone and anything, so you can literally do it with cartoon characters, imaginary figures, and imaginary people you create through the use of your imagination. The possibilities are endless, the entertainment provided by the process is invaluable, and you will acquire many interesting, fun, and memorable experiences by doing this.

Remote Viewing- Remote viewing is the process of viewing physical locations without actually going to them. You can visit locations that you have been to before, but you can also visit locations you have not been to before. To make the process easier, it is a good idea to obtain some information about the place you would like to view, but it is not necessary, because you can simply focus on the place and you will likely develop a picture of it whether or not you have seen it before. You can then do whatever you want once you arrive. You can look around, you can walk around, you can interact with people, etc.

Image Jumping- You can jump through pictures and movies by simply imagining being at the location of the image you are viewing. This is similar to remote viewing, but you might be able to have an even more vivid experience by using an image to start the process. Once you have jumped through the image, you can do whatever you want, including interact with people you see in the picture, enjoy activities that are possible at the location you are looking at, etc.

Ice Cream World- You can turn the entire world into delicious ice cream. Don't forget to put the cherry on top.

Potential Self- You can imagine meeting your true potential self. This person is simply you, but you after you have already accomplished your grandest dreams. You can meet this person in any location you want, but the most enjoyable location is usually a place that you find to be incredibly peaceful and serene. As you meet with your true potential self, you can ask them questions, you can talk to them, you can experience the type of life they are experiencing, etc. You can also apply the talking heads process to your true potential self and become your true potential self.

Exaggeration- The imagination can truly jump to any type of experience you want. Whether you want to be extremely famous, or you want to be extremely rich, you can jump to an experience that matches those desires through the use of your imagination. It is particularly fun to do this with what you want, because you can instantly jump to a very good feeling place just by exaggerating the idea of what you want. So, if you want love, exaggerate the thought of loving or being loved extensively until you feel unbelievably good. If you want to win the lottery, imagine winning the largest jackpot in history, etc.

Midas Touch- While most people think that Midas touch is a myth or a legend, there truly is a power that allows anyone to turn everything around them into what they want. This process is incredibly powerful though, so you should remember to keep your focus on things in your life that you already love and you want to be with in the future. You might have to do this with your eyes closed to start with, but it can also be used while your eyes are open as well. If you would like to attract more money into your life, simply turn everything around you into money. If you would like to be like King Midas, simply turn everything around you into gold. If you would like to be like Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, turn everything around you into chocolate. If you would like to attract love, turn everything around you into love. It is very important that you remember that this process is very very powerful. For this reason, you should always remember to give your attention to what you already love in your life so that you continue to attract those things into your life.

As you can see, there are many fun things you can do with the imagination. By using these processes, you will actually be taking advantage of what is known as the law of attraction. The law of attraction states that like attracts like. Since everything around you is pure energy vibrating at specific frequencies, including you, you will attract experiences that match the way you feel as you imagine having a very fun good feeling experience. For this reason, you can attract very good feeling experiences by using many of these processes. The better you feel, the better it gets.